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Average rating for Sawyer Construction & Roofing is
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Leak Repair in Louisville, KY
I purchased the Angie's List Roof Leak Repair and Inspection deal. Dennis Sawyer arrived promptly, he did the repair work included in the deal and he made recommendations for future repairs based on the condition of the roof. I am very happy with the quality and volume of work completed.
Roof Repair in Jeffersonville, IN
I highly recommend Dennis Sawyer of Sawyer Construction and Roofing. Dennis is friendly, he explains what he and his men are doing, and he is happy to answer questions. He and a roofing crew came out to a house I recently bought in Jeffersonville. They fixed some slipped shingles, nail pops, caulked some problem areas, worked on a loose vent screen, removed old debris left on the roof by other roofers, and walked the roof; the whole time, Dennis was explaining what his men were finding and doing, as well as answering my questions and discussing any concerns I had. The price, too, was very fair. It’s a pleasure meeting and doing business with Dennis. Being new to the area, I’m also glad to meet a professional I can trust and can talk with; Dennis’s phone number definitely goes on my list of people to call when/if I have problems with this house or any other I might purchase in the future.
Inspection, Repairs in Louisville, KY
Inspected roof and made minor repair. They came and inspected roof for problems. Found a nail under one of the shingles near the fireplace. They removed the nail and fixed the single so it would be flat.
New Roof in Louisville, KY
We hired Sawyer Roofing to install a whole new roof. When the guy went up to do the repairs, he found the hail damage and he told me to put the whole roof. We really liked the service. The price was okay because the insurance company paid for the work. The quality was fine.
Maintenance in Jeffersonville, IN
I purchased one of the 'Big Deals' that included a roof inspection, correct nail pops and seal up to 4 penetrations in the roof. I had a leak that needed to be fixed right away. I was contacted within 48 hours to schedule the service for the following week. They showed up on time and got right to work. They fixed the leak and corrected all of the nail pops on my roof in about 45 minutes. The entire crew was very polite and even removed some debris from my gutters! I would use this service again.
Roof Maintenance in New Albany, IN
I purchased a big deal for $99 for Roof Maintenance Package Including Leak Repair. He tightened and sealed some loose shingles on the corner of the roof line. He explained what he was doing and did a good job.
Inspection and Leak Repair in Sellersburg, IN
Roof inspection and minor leak repair. Although they arrived about and hour and a half after scheduled appointment, the owner did call to revise the appointment time. the team of workers did seal the areas on the roof where nail heads were protruding. They also assessed and potentially repaired a leak situation around the fireplace flue. They were professional and knowledgeable. The owner did have a little bit of difficulty in communicating exactly what he wanted done by the workers but that was worked out.
Minor Repairs and Inspection in Clarksville, IN
Inspected roof and made minor repairs, very professional and punctual - price was a little high for me, but am confident they would do the best work possible....Everything was top notch, only that quote was out of my range.....
Leaky Leak Repair in Louisville, KY
repaired leaky roof and replaced section of shingles. Quick response and on time. Cleaned up their mess and worked efficiently.
Roof Inspection in Louisville, KY
Inspected the roof at a rental property I own for leaks repaired and documented the issues he identified. Did a nice job, prepared a nice summary email with HD photos so I could see all the issues. His quick fix addressed the issues we were facing.
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