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Average rating for Sawyer Construction & Roofing is
4.96 stars of 5 stars - based on 108 reviews
Roof Repair and Inspection in Goshen, KY
Re-nailed loose shingles, and evaluated any roof damage. Very punctual and focused. They even checked my garage and sheds roofs as well!
Inspection in Georgetown, IN
Inspected gutters, downspouts, roofing, shingles, fascia and more. Advised that gutters were in good repair and that there was no roofing leaks nor hail damage. Sealed areas with silicone that hadn't been sealed properly. Nailed down loose shingles. It was painless! The Sawyer team arrived within the scheduled time frame 11 am-1 pm. After a brief review of my concerns, they went to work and made the necessary repairs. Very professional and courteous.
Roof Inspection and Repairs in Louisville, KY
Sawyer inspected my roof and did a few minor repairs. He said i did not need a new roof. I appreciate he did not try to sell me something i did not need.
Repairs in Shelbyville, KY
Repaired flashing around chimney. They showed up reasonably on time. He had a problem getting to my house using his GPS, but that is not uncommon for my house for some reason. They brought everything they needed to complete the job and cleaned up the mess after they were done. The owner is very personable. He returned phone calls promptly. I really, I had no issues at all. I highly recommend this company.
Leak Repair in Prospect, KY
Investigated leak issues. Caulked and took car of nail pops Very prompt response. Cannot say enough great things about them!
Roof Inspection in Louisville, KY
My mother was afraid the roof was leaking over her den, causing the ceiling to begin buckling, and she was afraid recent rains would cause the roof to leak. I suggested calling Sawyer Roofing after having read the rave Angie's List reviews. Mom called Thursday morning, and a gentleman from Sawyer promptly came to her house. My mom was very impressed by his professional appearance and manners. He went up on the roof and checked things out, then came down to tell my mom there didn't seem to be any problems with the roof. He checked out the ceiling in the den and said he thought THAT'S where the problem was. He was very helpful and considerate - and said 'no charge.' Mom is on a fixed income and was so afraid it would be an expensive inspection, but she was thrilled! If she or I ever need roofing repair, we will definitely call Sawyer Roofing!
Roof Replacement in Elizabethtown, KY
Mr Sawyer was on site from start to finish. Took care of any problems. Would recomend him.
Roof Inspection in Taylorsville, KY
Arrived promptly at home we are in process of buying. Gave good report of all problems with roof. He had pictures and explained everything thoroughly.
New Roof in Louisville, KY
New roof. Professional, courteous, friendly. The job was done well.
Roof Repairs in Louisville, KY
Repaired a few minor issues on my roof found during inspection. They finished the repairs and evaluated the rest of the roof, and they didn't find any other issues. I was expecting them to come back with a list of problems so they could make more money, but to my amazement, they just said everything else looked good. Very pleasant to deal with, and I will call them again if I ever need roof work.
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