Roofing in Bannon, KY

Roofing in Bannon, KY

Sawyer Construction & Roofing is a team that's available to serve Bannon, Kentucky and the surrounding area. As roofing professionals for over 30 years they work with clients regularly to keep them well informed throughout the entire process as well as provide a comprehensive warranty with every task that they undertake. Hiring a roofing contractor in Bannon, Kentucky doesn't have to be a difficult process especially when you pick one as experienced as Sawyer. Additional maintenance services and warranty considerations set this company apart from some of the local competition in the area.

Some of the main roofing services that we have to offer includes:

Repair services: Emergency repair services from Sawyer ensure that you can always have the professionals on-site that are required to get the job done right. By providing quick access to repair services you can have any major issue with your roof fixed quickly and with extreme precision. These are fixes that will last and repair professionals you can depend on.

Gutters: Gutter replacement, cleaning and the installation of gutter guards are all available through Sawyer in Bannon, Kentucky. Whether you need a simple cleaning for your gutters or a new gutter guards our professionals can arrive on site and provide you with the best materials for the job.

Residential roofing replacement: Sawyer can provide full residential roofing replacement. We use GAF, CertainTeed and Owens Cornering roofing options for our clients to ensure quality repair and replacement services.

Commercial roofing replacement: Our commercial roofing replacement services can include Rubber or EPDM, TPO, PVC and more. No matter what your preference may be we have the products that can improve the lifespan of your installation as well as the warranties to back them up.

Window Installation: We can provide full replacement services on insulated windows, Low E window coatings and more beautiful solutions for your home or business.

Siding installation: We can provide professional siding installation and repair with some of the finest products in the market. You simply need to select the colors and styles that complement the exterior of your home or business and we can handle the installation process!

We love working in Bannon:

Bannon which was originally named after the first postmaster Williamson, is one of our favorite places to provide service to. We understand that there are various challenges living and working around Louisville. We are sure to follow every construction permit requirement for the greater Louisville area for every project that we work on. With a temperature that fluctuates rapidly throughout the year we also do our best to pick out products that are perfectly set for Bannon and the surrounding area.

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