How To Tell When Your Windows Need Replacing

Everything when purchased new usually is given a warranty when it is new for a given length of time. It could be a limited warranty or a Lifetime warranty. These warranties can be over the tenure many different lengths. However, sometimes a product may last longer than this, so it is important to understand when you actually need to replace something to due to its age is the factor preventing it from operating like it did whenever it was brand new. We will be discussing some of the telltale signs you can look for to determine whether or not you are in need of window replacement.

Drafty windows

Windows have a seal around them which will determine whether or not air, which can be hot or cold, can get it. An easy way to check this is to go to your window during a cold day and stand next to it. If your window is not keeping outside air from staying out of the home as it should, it will feel considerably colder near your windows then it will with a window which operates okay. Windows should not allow any air through your home at an amount you can actively notice.


So let's say that you go next to your windows, but cannot tell if they are drafty. There is another way to determine if your windows are no longer operating as they should. Windows are typically double paned and filled with a gas called argon which helps with insulation. But, if you see something such as condensation between the two panes of glass this is a sure sign that your window's seal is no longer operating as it should.

High Energy Bills

During the months of Winter, we tend to run our heater a lot, which will, in turn, raise your electricity or gas bills. If you have checked for drafty windows last year and have not changed your heating and cooling habits but your energy bills have risen this year, check your windows again. They may be the cause of your energy bill to spike in the summer and winter months.

Window Operation

Windows do all sorts of things. They can slide up and down, they can even swing out. This should be and remain a very easy task. If this becomes something difficult to do, this is a definitive sign of the window not acting as it should. Windows which have a wooden frame are at an elevated chance for this, due to the basic characteristics of wood and it's tendency to expand when it draws in moisture.

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