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We inspected a roof in Jeffersontown today that had significant wind damage.  The homeowner did not realize there was damage.  He is contacting the insurance company to have an adjuster inspect the roof.  Wind damage is not just missing shingles.  It is also shingles that have lifted and not sealed properly if at all.  The shingles will also have creases in them which can lead to several problems.   The inspection should be performed by someone who is qualified.  There are many roofing companies from which to choose.  Preferably you would like the ones that are the most knowledgeable with inspecting roofs and working with insurance companies to confirm weather there is damage and if it is covered under insurance.  One question to ask the roofing company is if they are certified by Haag engineering to inspect roofs. If not by Haag then by whom are they certified.  Haag  is the largest and most widely recognized organization to certify roof inspectors.  In addition to looking for damage minor problems should be addressed and repaired, nail pops, loose flashing, etc.  If you are reading this and need a roof inspection please call or complete the "contact us" email form.

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