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One of the things that homeowners fear the most is having a roof that is not secure. Old, damaged roofing and leaks can cause homeowners a lot of trouble and cost a lot of money. It is best to detect early when your roof is in need of repairs or replacing; because it is often delay that causes major problems and eats away at a homeowner’s cash.

Here are a few ways you can tell that your roof may be in need of repairs or replacing:

Inside Signs

There are ways you can tell from the inside of the home if your roof is in need of repairs. You can begin by checking for:

  1. Sagging areas in your ceiling
  2. Water damage or any leaking that may be occurring
  3. Damp or dark spots that look like they may be places where water may have settled
  4. Streams of daylight that may be coming through your roof

Outside Signs

Once you have checked for signs on the inside of your home; it is best to have someone safely check the exterior of your property. Here is what to look for:

  1. Damaged shingles that may need to be replaced
  2. Any other roof damage, such as, chimney damage, loose vents or pipes
  3. Check your gutters for shingle granules. They will appear as very large grains of sand. This is a sign that you need to call a specialist immediately.
  4. Mold, rot, or any other signs of moisture
  5. Gutters and downspouts should be free of debris and securely attached


If your home has a roof with wooden shakes you also need to have it inspected for termites periodically. Cedar roofs need to be checked for moss in moist climates.

If your home has a tiled roof, you will want to examine it for cracks in the tiles. Don’t walk on the roof, or you will cause more damage to the tiles. Tile roofs can last a very long time, for generations even, but individual tiles may become damaged, and in need of repair. You don’t need to replace the entire roof.

A roof made of concrete, should be inspected and maintained, but should never need to be fully replaced.

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