7 Summer Roofing Care Tips


7 Summer Roofing Care Tips

When Summer rolls around every year, the extreme temperatures and other seasonal roof risks may find their way to you, presenting you with roofing problems. To combat potential issues, here are some tips you can follow

  1. Dirty or cluttered gutters. It is essential to make certain that your gutters and other collection systems are clear of all debris.
  2. Be sure to check any skylights, or vents of any kind for clutter. Remove clutter if found.
  3. Be sure to check for any shingles which are worse for wear, and are cracked, or missing from the roof entirely.
  4. It is very important to take note of any mold which appears on the roof.
  5. Make sure that no animals have any entrances through the roof into your home.
  6. Ensure you sealants are still in good shape.
  7. Check ventilation fans to be sure there are not any that aren't functioning.

Trust Our Experts

Of course, we could do this for you, with a Roof inspection. Do not hesitate if you see obvious issues. If this is the case, call us at 502-309-3562 or contact us online to set up a roofing inspeciton.

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