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Sawyer Construction & Roofing specializes in delivering their services throughout Brooks, Kentucky. We can also serve the surrounding community of Bullitt County. We have been roofing professionals for over 30 years and as a result we can provide professional assessments, installation and support for all manner of products in our industry. There are several options for roofing contractors in Brooks, Kentucky but we feel that we can be set apart from the competition with our knowledge and experience. We are also extremely committed to delivering high quality value and this is why we back up each one of our products with a warranty.

We can offer some of the following services as experienced roofing contractors:

Gutters: Our Gutter replacement services can improve drainage throughout your property and we can also provide cleaning services for all of your gutters as well. Through repair and replacement services we can work to keep your property values sustained.

Residential roofing replacement: Our residential roofing team can provide full installation and repair services on roofs across Bullitt County and Brooks. We use only the best products in our market including CertainTeed, Owens Cornering, GAF and more. We stand behind each one of our residential installations and provide warranties on all of our service.

Commercial roofing replacement: Commercial roofing replacement services can include an array of roofing services that are perfect for businesses of all types. Whether you need commercial roofs made from TPO, EPDM, PVC or another material, our professionals can provide you with the service that you may need.

Repair services: Our on-site repair specialists can also provide on-call repair service throughout Brooks Kentucky. We are available at any time of day to make sure that all of your roofing concerns can be addressed. These repairs go far beyond the average patch job and we take pride in our work. Our repairs come with warranty coverage as well as the confidence of knowing that an experienced roofing contract performed the fix.

Window Installation: We provide energy-efficient window installation services. Whether you have experienced a broken window or you need to replace an older window in your home, we can quickly swap out a damaged or old product with something new and energy-efficient.

Siding installation: Siding installation services can help you to get access to the best levels of temperature control for your home. We have siding to suit nearly any type of home in Brooks Kentucky.

We work in Brooks Kentucky:

After the tornado of 1996, our company had to provide extensive support to the community of Brooks in the form of repairs. Since then we remain on call for any type of severe weather. We can also help you to improve the way that your home weathers a severe storm. With the best labor and products available, we work in Brooks Kentucky to make a difference.

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