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When finding a roofing contractor in Eminence, Kentucky it is always best to trust an experienced contractor that has an eye for quality and communication. Sawyer Construction & Roofing is a company with 30 years of experience as well as close ties to the community of Eminence. We have been traveling to this area and working with businesses and individuals throughout Eminence for many years. Our staff are all dedicated professionals with expert training and a commitment to delivering good work at an uncompromised value. Our staff provides a comprehensive warranty on all of the work that we do as well as repair & maintenance considerations for follow-up on our projects too.

Here are some of the top services that we offer as roofing contractors in Eminence:

Residential roofing: Our most popular services include residential roofing services. We can provide repair and replacement services for all of your Eminence roofing needs. All of the residential roofing services that we provide are backed by manufacturer as well as our personal warranties. Contact our team to learn more about maintenance and warranty packages that are available through our company.

Commercial roofing: We can provide a wide range of commercial roofing services. Whether you need PVC, Rubber or EPDM style commercial roofing our experts are well-versed in these various installations. We can work at providing any number of commercial roofing needs that are backed by full warranties and communication throughout the installation process.

The best quality materials: Our team has years of experience in our industry and we have built strong relationships with the manufacturers of many roofing manufacturing products. As a result of our industry relationships you can get products which are hand selected from GAF, Owens Cornering and CertainTeed just to name a few.

Gutter replacement: We can clear gutters as well as provide repair and replacement services.

Repair services: Our staff is on call regularly so that we can provide emergency support after storms or in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time if you are having issues with the structural integrity of your roof, leaks and more.

Roofing services for Eminence Kentucky:

We have been working in the Eminence Kentucky area and Henry County for many years. With well over 2200 people in this area, many of the local businesses and individuals have relied on our services throughout the years. Many of our staff members make a point to go to the Celtic Fest in September or make stops in at the Highland Renaissance fair. With above-average rainfall each year, we use specialty roofing materials to combat the wet conditions in this area. With a January low around 23° and a July high reaching 88° we also use materials that can withstand the temperature variances of Henry County.

To learn more about roofing in Eminence Kentucky, contact Sawyer today.

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