Roofing in Glenview, KY

Roofing in Glenview, KY

Glenview Kentucky roofing contractors need to communicate well and deliver high-quality work that they can stand behind. Sawyer Construction & Roofing is proud to serve Glenview and the surrounding area. This city which is bordered on the Ohio River in Jefferson County, is home to many of our past clients both residential and commercial. As well as delivering products and labor that we can stand behind we also offer warranties on all of the products and labor that we provide through our company. We have real confidence in the people that we have hired and in the job that they're capable of doing. We will provide you with timely communicative updates on every one of our jobs so that you can have the confidence moving forward with our team.

Here are some of the top services we can offer as roofing contractors in Glenville Kentucky:

Roof Repair services: Our professionals are available 24 hours a day so that we can provide emergency repairs services on your roof, gutters and other construction projects. Major structural damage or leaks to your home are something that can’t go ignored. If you need the help of a professional contractor we can be on site and ready to provide support in Glenview Kentucky. Contact us for any emergency residential roofing or commercial emergency roofing job.

Residential Roofing: residential roofing is one of the pillars of our business. We work to provide support for families and property owners across Jefferson County. With our residential roofing services you can get the regular maintenance and repair that you need to maintain the upkeep on your home. We can also provide replacement of shingles, roofing systems, gutters and more.

Commercial Roofing: We can provide commercial roofing support for a variety of different roofing types. Whether you need maintenance or replacement on your rubber, PVC or EPDM style roof, we are available to help you. We have commercial clients located across Kentucky and we provide warranties on each one of the commercial roofing jobs we complete.

The best quality materials: We have been in this business for 30 years and in these three decades we have worked to build strong industry contacts. As well as working with companies that include Owens corners, GAF and CertainTeed we can identify some of the best window products, gutters siding and more for your home or commercial construction projects.

Serving Glenview Kentucky:

Jefferson County is a beautiful place and Glenview is a community that contains many of our customers. With an estimated population of over 500 people, we have provided emergency services and repair services to many of the families in this community. As Glenville gets just above the national average for rain and around 25 inches of snow per year, we work to provide building materials that can stand up to the cold and to precipitation.

For all of your Roofing needs in Jefferson County and Glenview, contact Sawyer today.

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