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Picking the right Lexington, Kentucky roofing contractor is usually a very big decision. With Sawyer Construction & Roofing however, we can help to make that decision a little bit easier. Our company has more experience, a greater value and better products than many of our competitors. We have been working in the roofing industry for over 30 years and many of our professionals have lifelong experience working as roofers. We stand behind every project that we work on offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the labor. We are also very committed to the community and to delivering open and honest quotes for every one of our customers. We are the type of service professionals that keep you in the loop and provide you with no-nonsense communication. For minimum delays and quality labor trust Sawyer.

Some of the roofing services that we offer can include:

Gutter Replacement: We can clean, replace and repair gutters of almost any type. We stock all of the common gutter materials that are required for gutter repairs and cleaning. We can also provide regular maintenance and cleaning services for your home or business. Rather than having to get up on a ladder and risk your safety, our professionals can perform this action for you and make sure that your gutters remain safe and clear.

Roof Repair: Our service professionals remain on call and ready to provide you with emergency repair solutions. If you need a professional on-site immediately, contact our offices today. We can make the necessary arrangements to get someone to your location very fast. With our emergency services repair, we can generate a quote for you on site and quickly start working on your job.

Residential Roofing: We have worked with residential clients across Fayette County. We can provide simple quoting, quality materials and efficient labor on all of our residential roofing jobs. Our residential crews work very quickly and we have many products in stock that can help you showcase the style of your home.

Commercial Roofing: We have worked with many commercial properties across Fayette County and Lexington, Kentucky. In stock we have many styles of commercial roofing materials that can help to showcase your business and improve the value of your property. Our commercial roofing solutions come in many different material types.

We also provide siding installation, and replacement window installation services.

Work in Lexington:

We have been very lucky to work in this metropolitan area which has an estimated 300,000+ people. As well as providing service to some of the local educational facilities we have worked across the city and with the municipality to ensure full legalities are present on any roofing job we complete. We are very diligent with permits and legal documents before we start any job in Lexington.

Contact our staff today for your roofing job in Lexington, Kentucky.

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