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Sawyer Construction & Roofing has worked throughout Woodford County over the last three decades. In that time we have helped many clients throughout Millville and other communities with their commercial and residential roofing needs. As well as having some of the most experienced professionals on our staff we are a licensed and bonded contractor for construction and roofing. All of our projects are carried out legally and with the finest construction materials. Each of the projects that we work on is also backed by a satisfaction guarantee and warranty.

We offer a plethora of roofing services in Millville:

Gutter Replacement: If you need replacement gutters or cleaning for your gutters we are the professionals to call. We have all of the professional tools to manage your cleaning needs. As well as full replacement of your gutters and drainage systems. Rather than getting up on a ladder and risking your safety, let our team handle your gutter cleaning and replacement needs.

Residential Roofing: We can provide residential roofing services across Millville. Whether you have a large home, barn or a new construction project we would be more than happy to offer support in the form of quality roofing services. Our staff stand behind our work and we offer 100% satisfaction guarantees on all of the residential roofing work that we do.

Commercial Roofing: Our commercial roofing team is capable of working with nearly any sized business. No matter what your needs may be, we have the product in stock to get them accomplished. With rubber roofing or PVC we have these materials and more. We can add value to your business and give you installations that will last over many years.

Roof Repair: Our on call repair staff can provide you with the roofing repairs you need on very short notice. We can prepare a quote on site and be working shortly after. This is the perfect service option if your home needs immediate help to prevent major structural damage, leaks and more.

The best products: We have worked hard to identify the best roofing products that we can source in Kentucky. Through our contacts and with our massive inventory of products it is possible to get longer lifespans out of the installations we provide.

We also provide siding installation, and replacement window installation services.

Working in Millville:

The name of this area comes directly from the many flour Mills that once made up this area. We have served Woodford County for many years and although many of these flour mills are gone, we now provide service to the fledgling businesses and residential communities that make up this area.

Contact our staff today for a quote on your Millville roofing needs.

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