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For a new roof in Pinckard, Kentucky you're going to want the best professionals in the area. Sawyer Construction & Roofing has been working throughout Woodford County Kentucky for three full decades. Our staff has countless experience providing roofing for commercial and residential needs and we also provide warranties with every one of our projects. Because of our dedication we can provide realistic service times and ongoing updates through every one of the projects that we work on. Rather than being stuck with an inexperienced contractor, trust the best at Sawyer to get the job done right.

We offer some of these top services in our roofing jobs:

Residential Roofing: Our residential roofing experts can prepare official quotes for your needs. We can help you pick the best siding options, roofing construction options, replacement roofing components and more. By identifying products that have some of the best lifespans in our industry we can reduce your maintenance needs.

Gutter Replacement: We can clean, repair and install gutters throughout Pinckard. Gutters can occasionally fall down as a result of storm damage, clogging and more. Proper drainage for your roof is essential and maintaining your property is also very important. With our gutter cleaning services we can help to save you some maintenance and provide an assessment of your drainage.

Commercial Roofing: We have worked with some the top commercial properties throughout Pinkard, Lexington and Woodford County. We can provide your business or property with a quote for commercial roofing replacement, maintenance or full installation on new construction projects.

Roof Repair: Our on-call professionals will deliver repairs for roofing throughout this community. If you are experiencing leaks, structural damage were major concerns where you need a professional roofer, we can come out to your site immediately to perform repairs. We will work to prevent major issues by sealing up the cracks or leaks quickly which will prevent future damage to your home. Our emergency services come backed by a guarantee as well.

We also provide siding installation, and replacement window installation services.

Our work in Pinckard:

Although Pinckard, Kentucky is an unincorporated community with a well spread population, we work with many of the local businesses, agricultural facilities and the residents in this area. Whether you live just Southwest of Lexington or to the south of Versailles, Pinckard is directly in our service area. We have worked throughout the 859 area code to provide roofing assistance to all those in need.

Contact our team today for a quote on your Pinckard roofing job.

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