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Sawyer Construction & Roofing has been providing roofing services throughout Jefferson county for many years. In fact we have been traveling to this area for work for over 30 years. Riverwood is a community located in northeastern Jefferson County and we work with many of the local businesses and families providing our repair, installation and maintenance services. Our experience as well as our communication sets us apart from some of our competition. We believe in delivering quality results that last as well as keeping all of our customers updated through each stage of our construction process. As well as our regular updates we can also provide full warranties on all of the work that we do in Riverwood.

We offer some of these construction services and more:

Emergency Repair: Our emergency repair services include 24 hour access to all of our professionals. We have many staff members that are on call 24 hours a day. This ensures that if you require repairs we have a qualified staff member that is available to do them. We can come out to perform patches and structural repairs so that you can enjoy your property in safety.

Residential Roofing Installations: We can build entirely new residential roofs, perform maintenance on your roofing or full replacement on shingles and other items you may have throughout your roof structure. Residential roofing installations with the help of our experts come backed by warranties and we use hand selected products from trusted suppliers.

Commercial Roofing installations: We can build commercial roofing and perform maintenance work on a variety of businesses and commercial properties throughout Riverwood. We have worked with many local businesses and we never shy away from a challenge. Whether you have a new commercial property or you require replacement and maintenance on your current property, we are here to help.

Gutter Replacement: We can clean your gutters as well as install gutter guards to prevent them from clogging in the future. Regular gutter cleaning is essential to maintaining drainage throughout your roof in your property. Our professionals have all the right tools to get the job done safely so rather than getting up on a ladder, contact our staff today for reasonable rates on cleaning and replacement services on gutters.

We also provide siding installation, and replacement window installation services.

Working in Riverwood Kentucky:

This Jefferson County community has just around 500 people in it but we have worked with many of the families and businesses in this community. Although this area is still fairly new being established in 1969, residents are growing this community fast. We can provide support for any challenging roofing job in Riverwood!

Contact us for all of your roofing needs in Riverwood Kentucky.

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