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Sawyer Construction & Roofing regularly provides working in St. Matthews, Kentucky. Our skilled staff of roofing and construction professionals has three decades of work experience in this area and we regularly provide services for the many businesses and homes across St. Matthews and Jefferson County. St. Matthews is definitely known for its shopping area as well as the many commercial buildings. We are very lucky to count ourselves the roofing providers for many of these businesses. With our full-service warranties as well as our top-quality roofing products, we can give you the communication and dependability that you require from a professional roofing contractor.

We offer these services in St. Matthews as roofing contractors:

Roof Repair service: Our staff remains on call to address any one of your roofing needs. Whether you have experienced an accident or there is a problem with your roofing structure, we are on hand and ready to provide you with repairs if necessary. We have service professionals that are located across Jefferson County so it is very easy for us to respond in a timely manner. We prepare comprehensive quotes that are perfect for any emergency roofing job throughout St. Matthews. We also back up all of our labor with warranty assistance so that our customers can remain 100% satisfied.

Residential Roofing: We provide residential roofing services in St. Matthews, Kentucky. Our staff can outfit your home with the finest new shingles, gutters and structural roofing systems. With the help of our professional installations you can get a longer lifespan out of your roof as well as receive regular updates through the entire labor process. We have done hundreds of these jobs across St. Matthews and we want to help you protect your investment with your home.

Commercial Roofing: We help businesses across St. Matthews, Kentucky with their commercial roofing needs. Many of the local shopping centers, factories and warehouses have utilized the services of our team for their professional roof resurfacing needs and repair needs.

Leading products: We offer leading products from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. If there are new roofing products available we will know about them first.

We also provide gutter replacement, siding installation, and replacement window installation services.

Our team in St. Matthews:

We service the whole of Jefferson County including St. Matthew's. With a fair population of 15,000+ people and the second largest mall in Kentucky in this area there are many businesses and residents that have called upon Sawyer. Whether you are located near the mall St. Matthew's or near Shelbyville Road, we can provide legal roofing services for you.

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