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If you are looking for a quality roofing contractor in West Buechel, Kentucky, you should strongly consider using Sawyer Construction & Roofing professionals. We have three decades of experience serving West Buechel, Kentucky providing commercial and residential roofing services. As well as years of experience in our industry, countless industry contacts and a comprehensive warranty system we are also committed to delivering quality customer service with every one of our clients. We can provide you with ongoing updates through every project as well as reasonable quotes for any of the jobs we work on. If you are unsatisfied at any time our warranties will help to provide you with repairs and replacement services.

Some of the services we have the offer as part of our West Buechel roofing services include:

Roof Repair: We keep many of our staff members on call regularly so that we can provide 24-hour service throughout Kentucky. If you are in Jefferson County and you require roofing repairs, our staff members can come out to your location, provide you with a quote and start work shortly after. This is the perfect solution if you have experienced an accident, weather damage or other concerns.

Roofing for residences: Residential roofing projects are one of the main services that we provide. We can use some of the best manufactured products on the market for our residential roofing jobs. We also take care to get all of the necessary permits and legal requirements for any roofing job. If your residence needs new gutters, shingle replacement, leak fixes for structural repairs we have the crews that can get the job done fast and correctly.

Commercial Roofing: We have worked with commercial clients across West Buechel including many businesses and warehouses in the area. Whether you are in agriculture, retail, industrial work or any other type of work, we can provide the roofing solutions that will keep your business up and running. We can provide commercial roofing solutions in many forms from PVC, Rubber and other materials.

We also provide gutter replacement, siding installation, and replacement window installation services.

Working in West Buechel:

Our staff serves many of the largest communities in Jefferson County. West Buechel is one of these locations with over 1300 people in the area. We have worked with many of the largest businesses in many of the residents of this area. Although this community was started in 1960 it has grown in size considerably. We take all permit considerations in mind when working in West Buechel. By detailing the type of property, roofing and materials that we use to municipalities we work legally and safely in Jefferson County.

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