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Winchester, kentucky

If your roof has fallen into disrepair in Winchester or you require a new roofing installation in Clark County the professionals at Sawyer Construction & Roofing are here to help. Our staff is fully licensed and bonded and we receive regular safety training, on site job training and improvement training is new construction materials become available to us. Winchester is one of the largest areas that we work in and we stand behind all of the roofing projects that we work on in this area offering full warranties for satisfaction.

Some of the main roofing services that we offer in Winchester include:

Residential Roofing: We provide repair, installation and maintenance services for residences across Winchester and Clark County. If you need a new roof or your shingles are starting to age, contact us today and we can prepare a quote for your residential roofing job. We even work with builders in Clark County to provide new roofing for construction projects.

Commercial Roofing: We work with businesses and housing developments across Winchester Kentucky. Regardless of the size of your business we can produce custom commercial roofing solutions to suit your needs. With items that can look spectacular with the surrounding area as well as offer low maintenance solutions, we have you covered for function and style. All of our commercial roofing jobs are backed by our satisfaction warranty as well.

Roof Repair: Our on call professionals can come out to your jobsite or home even on short notice to provide repair services. With our emergency services it's possible for you to get the repairs that you need to prevent future structural damage to your property.

Proven products: The proven products that we have in our inventory come directly from Kentucky's best building suppliers. We thoroughly test and stand behind each one of the building products we use in our roofing services.

Gutter Replacement: We can clean, install and repair gutters in residential and commercial properties across Winchester.

We also provide siding installation, and replacement window installation services.

Our work in Winchester:

Our work in Northwest Clark County and across Interstate 64 is a regular occurrence for our team. We can provide assistance to many clients across this area and we understand the climate quite well. The winters are quite mild in this area but the summers can get quite humid and very hot. We select appropriate building materials for any construction project in Winchester based on the results we have had with past clients and our testing of building and construction projects over 30 years of experience.

Contact our team today to get quotes on roofing in Winchester, Kentucky.

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